Children’s Calm / Sleep Formula

Children’s Calm / Sleep Formula





Ingredients: Catmint, Catnip, Chamomile

Acts as a mild sedative and soothes the nervous system and helps a restless child get to sleep.  Has been known to aid children with upset stomach, nausea, colic, fever, and diarrhea. Also, can increases peristalsis and tones muscles of digestive tract. Good for cold, flu and bronchitis symptoms. Can bring on a sweat in feverish conditions and has a sedative effect. Used as an anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, both internal and external. Known as a stomach soother and nervine and aids healing of ulcers in the stomach. Good for children & nightmares. Use in a bath to relieve sunburn or wind burned skin. Also can help with hepatitis fatty liver, insomnia, nervous tension, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and skin problems. Also, helps with digestive problems and stimulates menstruation.

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