Fall Planting

Fall Planting

If you haven’t discovered the joy of fall planting yet, let us introduce you to the concept! It’s truly a splendid notion and rewarding, too! Spring is the time when most folks plant their new purchases. However, we’ll share with you several reasons why fall is not to be overlooked – you will be a believer, too:

  • The soil is still warm from summer and roots will continue to grow slowly until the soil freezes. Another plus: fall transplants require less water as they go dormant. Keep in mind that first year transplants need a drink every 3-4 weeks in the winter if moisture isn’t plentiful (as long as the ground isn’t frozen solid).
  • Fall transplants will have large, well-established root systems in the spring. This means that they will take off more quickly than a spring transplant. Plants from fall will also bloom more profusely and survive harsh conditions like heat and wind without as much mishap.

Another gentle reminder: fall fertilizing is a beneficial thing to do before plants go to sleep for the winter. Looking for some great products to help accomplish this goal? Check out our lines of organic plant nutrition!

Trees, shrubs and perennials are all candidates for fall planting. We’d be glad to help you decide on some great choices from the greenhouse!

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