Whole Foods Market Evaluation

Whole Foods Market Evaluation

Contact: Teri Wolff, (308) 254-2204

Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse has herbs evaluated by Whole Foods Market.
Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse recently had their organically grown herbs and spices evaluated by Whole Foods Market. The herbs were assessed across three different categories; appearance, taste, and price. The herb blends received high marks from Whole Foods Market in each of the three categories. Whole Foods Market has over 270 stores across the nation and in Great Britain, and is the leading retail store for organically and naturally raised foods. Four other evaluators, including GROW Nebraska, also gave the herbs high marks.
Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse is owned and operated by Dan and Teri Wolff. It is located 7 miles northeast of Sidney, NE on ten sprawling acres. It boasts over 70 herb and spice blends, all of which are 100% organic.  Most of the herbs are grown at the greenhouse in its 20+ gardens, which provide the perfect backdrop for a delightful afternoon stroll. Herbs are hand-harvested and processed right in the greenhouse’s kitchen. Simple herbs such as cilantro and minced garlic are available, but more adventurous customers often go for one of the original blends. Try the new Olive Rub, which is fabulous on steaks, or go for the Moroccan Blend for a great and simple way to kick cooked vegetables up a notch.
Organically grown trees, shrubs, vegetables, house plants, perennials, and annuals are also offered at the greenhouse. The four greenhouses are loaded with beautiful and unique plants that are well-suited to grow in western Nebraska. Fresh, locally grown produce is offered throughout the growing season with a “pick your own” option for some types. While at the greenhouse, you can also peruse the selection of organic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides, as well as earth-friendly cleaning and bath and body products. Dan and Teri also make an annual trip to Mexico, where they hand-select pieces of original pottery and cast iron crafts to be sold at the greenhouse. 
The Nebraska Travel and Tourism Division recently visited Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse. The Division identified the greenhouse as a “magnet attraction” for Cheyenne County, that is, a primary reason why people visit a particular city or area. They suggested conducting group tours of the greenhouse that would include a demonstration, such as hand harvesting and processing herbs, and a free spice sample. They also proposed including visits to the greenhouse in tour packages.

Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse is located at 11732 Road 32, Sidney, Nebraska, they are open 7 days a week from 9-6 in the summer and 9-5 in the winter. For more information call 1-877-254-2204, e-mail info@rickyandlucysgreenhouse.com or visit www.rickyandlucysgreenhouse.com.

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