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All Indoor and Outdoor Plants are 40% OFF in September!


As nights become cooler and days get shorter, we’re seeing friends sharing garden harvests, and Husker Football back in action. These definitive signs of summer’s end inspired us to drop prices and encourage all our procrastinating, and late season landscapers to get the job done!

For the entire month of September, all our plants – both indoor and outdoor are 40% OFF retail prices!

You can still establish plants for next year and save money with our lowest prices of the season. As always, if you’re not sure what to plant or where to plant it, we’re more than happy to help you out.

Did you know Ricky and Lucy’s Greenhouse offers a beautiful selection of handmade pottery that’s sure to brighten any home, patio, or garden? From serving dishes and decorative pieces, to patio fireplaces and flower vases, each pottery piece is handcrafted, one of a kind, and now 20% OFF during the entire month of September.

So, if you’ve had your eye on that special piece in our showroom, now is the time to bring home.

Victory Hills Farmstead Cheese

Farm Fresh Goat Cheese Available!

Ricky and Lucy’s Greenhouse proudly offers a nice selection of fresh goat cheese produced by Victory Hills Farm right here in Western Nebraska. These aren’t your standard packaged cheeses from grocery stores either; they’re fresh, and made locally in small batches leaving them rich and creamy. They also don’t travel thousands of miles to reach store shelves. These cheeses are packed with protein, and calcium so they’re not only delicious they’re also nutritious. Fresh Cheddar and Feta are available in September, so get them while they last. Chevre lovers are in luck as it will be available all winter. Yum!

Lucy’s Krazy Game Day Potatoes!

As football season kicks into overtime our vast selection of herbs and spice blends are perfect for game day parties touching down in houses across the panhandle. Our featured spice blend for September is: Lucy’s Krazy Sea Salt – a savory sea salt blended with garlic, onions and other herbs. It’s the perfect teammate to just about any dish you plan to share with your fans friends. Not sure what to make on game day? You’re in luck as Lucy’s Krazy Game Day Potatoes are a sure crowd-pleaser.

All of our dip mixes are organically grown on property, created in our on-site commercial kitchen and come in the following varieties: Krazy Sea Salt, Afrika, Taco, Vegetable/Dressing, Smoky BBQ, Smoky Spicy Pepper, Spicy Italian, Spicy Herb, Sweet Heat, Spicy Fajita, Greek, Olive Rub, Cajun, and Jamaica Me Krazy. Try one today!


Local, Raw Honey is Back!

We’re happy to announce honey bees are a-buzzing at Ricky and Lucy’s farm and making honey for us to enjoy. Unlike store-bought honey which is pasteurized down to product akin to processed sugar, raw honey is not pasteurized, so all its natural health benefits remain. It includes local pollens too which can help with seasonal allergies, and it tastes divine.

According to Modern Alternative Health, consuming local, raw honey can not only ease seasonal allergies, it can also aid digestion, strengthen immune systems, fight colds, and soothe sore throats – just to name a few health benefits of raw honey. Stop in today for some truly local raw honey.

Fresh, Organic Vegetables For Sale!


Our plants are busy growing for you. Please LIKE US on  to learn what fresh, local, and organically-grown vegetables are available for purchase through the summer and remember we have fresh, organic herbs and spices all year round.

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